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Default fly tying classes

Ah its winter, ok its winter somewhat lol.

Anyways, its now that most folks seem to take or want to take classes for fly fishing and fly tying.

I help teach both. Its a blast and you can gain a ton of knowledge.

I do want to pass on one tid bit of advice! DO NOT take an Intermediate course if you havent practiced, be it fly casting or fly tying!!!!!!!!!! Just stop and think to yourself a few, are you ready? You need to learn some bbb bb bbbbBASICS before you can make the jump from beginner to the intermediate level!!!

We just taught a class of 6, of which only 2 have been practicing at ALL....the rest havent touched there gear since they did the basic class. What a shame as they are waisting money. Now most people teaching wont turn you down for hopes of being able to teach you something. I, if the time ever comes, WILL (I am the assitant for now)! I would rather send you somewhere else (hopefully back to your house and you get more hours behind the vise before you come back) then take your money and feel guilty about it, not only waisting the evening teaching you things you should already how to tie in materials begginer style (most materials are started the same way), tie knots, handle bobbins, and hooks in a somewhat intermediate level, but yet comprehend and even remember SOMETHING from 12 different flys on 3 different nites! You NEED the basics so learn them first!!!

Heck hopefully there is folks still fishing out there, its almost freeze up here and things should really start getting solid come this weekend. I havent seen anyone post in anything going on?

btw, where is Matt/pa, the fly guru...ya just dissappeared man!
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