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[]I've been hijacked[:-][&o]Really how fast is yer Bow? You have shot thru the chrony? 320/325fps what weight total arrows? and the length? My Phoenix 2219's 20" 100gr. field pt. with 5" vanes weighs 494gr. and goes 272 fps. I can shoot the min. and get right widja!I LIKE MINE HEAVY AND SLOWER TO KEEP LIMBS REAL SAFE! I really don't think i will have any trouble taking my deer this fall.Like the rest of us here we are waiting on deer season to open and have nothing better to do than stir the pot. Bet we all could get together and have a great 3-D shoot. I don't have alot of chump change to throw away, i do have a great Bow. Spect i can stay with or outshoot many on here and i have a peep at 20 or 30 yds. and i only have one 20 yrd. pin! I be as crippled up as most of you too!
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