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It was fun to read at first but you excal guys are running it in the ground. As you said if you want to drag something as wide as your wife, I see you respect her as much as other crossbows then a recurve is the way to go. And and you get more FPS per pound with wheels then you then you do with recurve. My super max shoots 325 with 175 pound pull, a 175 pound pull pheonix only shoots at 305. So if you like going wider and slower for the draw weight then ya embrace your millennia old technology. Sure the Euromax goes 350 fps buy the sales ad, but alot a good a wide illegal CB would do me in Ohio since alot of states have a 200# restriction. Most of us horton guys (me and the tree rat) realized it was pointless to debate the mighty excal hence the lacking post, looks like htoler is realizing it to he knows his ten point is good. If you need constant self gratification I think excal has a scratch your own back forum. I just don't kown what I am going to do when I need to change my string while in the stand[] Sorry htoler, I have been just sitting back watching a few of you guys do all the arguing with this crowd.
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