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Default RE: land ownership

I purchased my first 15 acres for $42,000 when i was 25 now I am 26. I had a CD mature and didnt know what to do with it. I didnt want to blow it on a new car or something stupid. I sold it last year for $62,000.We then turned around purchased 22 more acres of great hunting land lots of deer,mountain lion,bobcat,Rabbit, and Ducketc.. Of course we paid way more than $62,000..

DOnt get me wrong owning a home is he best thing I could of done.Ive figured owning a home their is no real savings vs. renting in ashort 3-5 term once you consider the interest on the loan, taxes, upkeep..I wished we kept renting till we found a place we really wanted.

Dont go buy a new truck go get ya some land.That way later in life you will have a reason for owning a truck!
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