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Default RE: land ownership

kevin, It is $25,000 for 100 acres, or $250 per acre. I'd go for it, but make sure you have right of way and as someone above mentioned, all the rules are agreed upon with you and your partner before you buy. Worst case scenario, you have to sell. Seems to me at that price, it will only go up in value.

When I bought my property that is almost 4 hours away, I was trying to figure out how much I could afford. I had the option of buying as much of an adjoining property as I could manage. Anyway, I went for a chunk of the adjoinging property, but wish in hindsight I had bought even more of it. Generally, wages increase over time, so you will be able to grow into it pretty easily. This is especially true withonly $25,000! If I were you, I'd borrow $27,000, get the laser surgery and buy the lot.
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