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Paul L Mohr
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Default RE: Does it REALLY Make A Difference?

It is not just how straight they are, it is the over all quality of the arrow. Cheap carbon arrows are not always a bargain. Sometimes you get good ones, sometimes you don't. One of the main differences between the cheaper carbons and the more expensive ones is they are sorted better. The more money you pay the better the arrows you get, suposedly.

For the average person target shooting or knocking around in the back yard I doubt you will notice too much. However when you put a fixed blade broad head on there things may get a bit dicey and you could have problems with consistancy from arrow to arrow. I would get an arrow spinner at the very least to check them. Preferably before you buy them.

Personally if I had to choose between cheap carbons and cheap aluminums I would get the aluminums, and do. They are just more consistant arrows out of the box for the money. Especially for hunting. Not to mention if you get one with an insert that is a bit off they are easy to fix. It's a bit harder with a carbon and epoxy.

Now once you hit the 70-80 dollar range almost any type of arrow should work well. Still doesn't hurt to check them.

For carbons and hunting I personally like the Nitro Stingers by Arrow Dynamics if you can find them. They are a tapered design arrow and shoot broad heads very well. You won't find them for $40-50 though. Maybe for a half dozen if you get a deal.

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