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Definitely each to their own on the taste thing. We prefer less bear fat on the carcass and have found spring bear far more to our taste. It is easier here to differentiate between a boar and sow in the spring for sure, as they all get so fat in the fall, and we prefer to take boars if possible. Late fall we don't even hunt them if they have touched salmon. The rubbing can be a problem, you just need to glass them well if it matters to you. Usually the heads and shoulders aren't bad anyhow.As well, here the bears are gorging in the clear cuts in spring and the boars walk the logging roads in search of females, so encountering a boar is easier in the spring than in fall when they are virtually hidden in the blueberries and salal bushes. The westcoast jungle foliage here on Vancouver Island will hide a very large bear quite easily.
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