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Default My Tribute came in!! I've got a few?? now

I received my Tribute yesterday.
I had specifically ordered a bow of at least 61# so I could try and pull off a 400+ grain arrow going 270+ with a 29” draw on a 60# bow. The Tribute provided this and them some.
With a loop and 2 string silencers on the string the bow
pulled off the following while at the shop-

Speed mods- 300 gr = 312fps
390 gr = 278.5 (beman 400’s)
405 gr = 274.2 (beman 340’s)

Smooth mods- 390 gr- 270
405 gr- 268

When I got home I shot each arrow (390 & 405)through my chrony and got a 278 & 274 with the speed mods.
Then while tuning the bow I made one minor adjustment (nock point was low)and picked up1.5 fps with the
390 going 280
& the
405 going 275
Dark crept on me and that’s where I stopped. I was grouping as tight as ever while playing at 20 yards.

Now I have to decide smooth or speed modules. Time will tell.

Two questions-
1. I noticed while switching mods back and forth that the smooth mods would not fully pick up my drop zone rest when the speed mods would (initilally set up with speed mods). Do the different mods (speed vs. smooth) require different draw post settings if they are of the same draw length?

2. The top cam has 2 dots showing as it should, but the bottom has1 full & one 1/2 (cut by limb) dot showing. If I was going to try and get the bottom cam back to 2 dotsshowing at rest where wouldI start?
I didn't fool with it (it got dark on me)and as good as it's shooting my not even do so, but IfI was going to I would twist what??

Before leaving the shop Ishot one of the other big name bows at 70# (69.9#) just to make sure my Tribute decision was correct, with a with a peep and a measured 29.25” draw (on a 29” cam)
It achieved the following-
390- 275.4
405- 272
After a couple of shot’s later I was convinced the Tribute would be riding home with me, nothing wrong with the others out there- the Tribute just does everything right for me. Smooth, accurate, quiet and fast.

For those helping me in the bow buying process, thanks y'all were right again!
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