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Try to read everything you can on the business then when you feel comfortably mount something simple (example: squirrel) keep mounting until your mount looks alive and your best friends under oath say so. The more you use “hands on” in this trade the better you become. Be very hard on yourself, references are very, very important, save all photos of animals and birds. Check out this site www.taxidermist.netthey have links to most of the info I have talked about. Order the breakthrough magazine.
When youfeelyoucanmount a few types of mammals then try birds. Birds are different and if you can do birds your set. When you skin out anything make a sketch and measure all the parts (limbs, circumference, length from nose to base of tail, etc) Order a Mc Kenzie catalog (1-800-279-7985) plus any other that are listed in the trade magazines. And then and only then start doing this on a part time basis, you will start to make some extra money but do not go full time until you have a large group of customers coming in all the time and spread out over 12 months. Good luck.

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