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Hi AA,

I'm on my second newer F-150. The first was an '01 SCREW (Super Crew) 4X4 Lariet. I loved it! Came with factory posi, 17" rims, strong V8, power this, leather that .... The bed is small, if you can get a quad into it, that's about all that's going there. The SCREW should handle almost exactly the same as your Expidition - Same wheelbase, everything is in the same place, etc.

I now have an '02 F-150 Ext Cab (Suicide doors) 4X4 Lariet - It is mostly the same, but the bed is big enough to sleep in. I havea shell on it and it's nice to have a more secure camp when I'm solo. No posi, though (found out the hard way!

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