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Default Turkeys in the Rain

OK turkey freaks......This is my first turkey season and Im going for it full steam. I have been practicing my calls with a cd, I got a crow call, 3 mouth calls, box call (that works wet), and a gobbler shaker. I got a pop up ground blind, mossberg 500 xxfull turkey choke, and more camo than I know what to do with. Here is my dilema...........It is supposed to thunderstorm opening day. Now Im getting out there EARLY. I get off of work around 2am so I am just gunna go home get dressed and head out. I will probably nap when Im finally set up. My question is.....are my efforts pointless? Will I see turkey in rain?? Ive got a HOT spot picked out, not once did I go out there and not see turkeys, not tracks, TURKEYS. Should I hunt or wait for sunday?? I REALLY want to hunt opening day.
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