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Default RE: Burris Scopes?

I have 3 Burris Fullfield II Scopes with Ballistic Plex reticles. The reason I have 3 is that I got one and liked it so much, I replaced a Leupold with one and got another for my new rifle.
These scopes are clear and my experience showed that the ballistic plex does work when used in conjunction with a range finder.
Also, the sighting in directions tell you to sight in per the chart (example; dead on at 100 yds for a 270, 130 gr bullet). You then (if you have the distance) fire a couple groups at 300 yds. You can then "tweak" the scope a little to minimize the +/- differences.
Again, from experience, the 270 needs very little tweaking, the 300 Win mag is also faily close using 180 bullets. I haven't had much chance to work on my 30-06 yet to see how the b-plex works.
Now to clarify something - the ballistic plex is not a range finder. It is to be used in conjunction with a range finder. Once the yardage is known, you use the appropriate reticle.
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