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Default RE: Fire Hazard of Black Powder Storage?

I'm a firefighter and Black Powder decomposses at a much faster rate than powder substitutes. Black powder is the most unstable. Black powder that is kept in storage for too long (10+ years) can become shock sensitive and possibly explode. Any old powders should be disposed of saftely. All of those regardless of the product should be stored in a cool dry place. Having been in fires where ammo and components have cooked off, it's a definate surprise. I would definately have it all in the same place so that in the event of a fire, firefighters can be notified where it all is and it can be removed before flame impingement happens. If the whole thing is burning then it doesn't matter. Structure fires can reach 1000 plus degrees inside and once the contents reach their auto ignition temperatures, everything burns. In the garage would be a adequate place for storage in a container out of reach of children. Do not put it in the attic. Too much temp fluxuation.
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