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Default RE: Fire Hazard of Black Powder Storage?

For what it is worth I have a "friend" who tried using subs to make fireworks but none worked well at all. Blackpowder is explosive. No if an or buts about it.

I would have an issue storing a bunch in one strong box because if it touches off we are talking fragmentation device. I store my bp in tool boxes I use for range use with the right powder for the arm the box is set up for. They are scattered about so one wont blow up the next and they are in plastic boxes that wont take down a building.

My subs I store in the same boxes or the locked draw I keep my smokeless in.

I fear bp being in a box that does not let it expand and go boom instead building up pressure enough so that when it does boom so does the room it is in.

Just my two cents and it is probably worth just that. I would rather a fire than a bomb.
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