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Default RE: Burris Scopes?

The Fullfield is alot of scope for the money. These scopes are made by Penatx in Japan so quality is high. But I really love the Burris Signature series. It is a much better scope, and I think it is US made (but probably has japanese lenses). It is more expensive though, around 400 bucks for the same power range.
The price range you are talking about is very competitive. You have your choice of Nikon, Leupold VX2, Sighton SII, Bushnell Elite 3200, etc. All of these scopes can be found in the 200-300 dollor range.
I know from experience that Leupold's and Bushnell's service is a credit to the industry. I don't know about Burris. But I would think that they are fine.
Mr. Burris (Don I think) used to work for Redfield before he went out on his own to make Burris Savvy Optics.
Several outdoor writers, including Clair Reese, tout the quality of Burris.
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