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Default Burris Scopes?

I am looking into a new scope for my Savage 110 7mm RM and Burris scopes seem like a good deal. A local gunstore told me they make good scopes but have horrible customer service. Anyone know anything about that? Aguy I knowwho works at BassPro told me they were fine. I also like the Ballistic Plex, there are several loads that aren't much more than a inch off at any of the ranges listed. I know this isn't totally exact, and I would have to do some expierementing, but the guy at BassPro told me he could handload me some shells to match the ballistics needed, also a plus. Among other things, he told me Burris is a better buy than Leupold for the money. I've never had much expirience with either, so I was hoping you guys could help me out. For $250 I could have a 4-14x40 and some new Leupold bases and rings, since the ones with my package deal weren't very good. I thought this was a pretty nice deal, especially with the Ballistic Plex.
Thanks for any replies.
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