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Awe James B. have a laugh ya old goat!!!

Barrett's just makin new products and starting new markets. From a hunting point of view I could see this cartridge surpassing the 50 in popularity. It's more, dare I say, "practical" and the gun can be made several pounds lighter without increasing recoil.

I'm excited about it. After carrying that 50 lastyear I have become interested in one now. BUT it was 40 pounds and sheer hell to maneuver 20' off the ground. This new one is in the mid 20# range.

Where do I sign?

Really James, go ahead admit it, it's ok. You CAN like it, I promise no one will be mad!!!

Another thing that caught my attention. Did you notice the scope on the package? It was a Bushnell 3200Elite 10x40. Who would've thought it would survive atop a 50 based cartridge, much less be packaged by the maker with it?
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