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Default RE: Can anyone help with training?

I don't know if this is a rescue dog or not, but it sounds as if it suffers from seperation anxiety. This takes a while to work through but can be done, if the dog was starved before, it should be very food oriented and you should use treats in alot of the training inside or out. Start by taking short trips outside (2-3 min.)and coming back in and giving treat for good behavior it's supposed to let the dog know you are coming back. This seperation problem if coupled with pooping or peeing can be a very serious problem. Obedience training does not help improve this condition. Is the dog male or female (marking territory)?Also does the dog have a safe place to go such as a crate or kennel, that should be theirs and theirs alone. If trainers are saying they can't help you because it's a hound then they can't be trainers, because it's dog behavior not hound behavior. Last but not least check with a vet and they may be able to recommend someone to help you. An electronic collar may not be the best thing to use since this dog is probably seriously stressed. Check for rescue dog books.
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