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Default RE: Can anyone help with training?

I took my dogs to pro's right from pups and the first thing we trained them to do was come.They tell you to cut hot dogs up into tiny pieces and the best place to keep them is in your mouth, so the dog doesn't know you have them(can't smell them).First start by clapping your hands quickly and say come, the moment they come to youwhip a piece of hot dog out and at the same time as you give it to them give enthusiasticpraise" good "!You need them on a leash wait for them to get to the end and repeat,20 min's each training session so they don't get board. When theycome right away every time, drop off the treats and just give praise and patting.After they learn it with no treats next when you say come raise your hand high in the air,eventually you will be able to raise your hand in the Field and when they see it they will come.Strait from the pro's and this guy is very big around here.
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