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Default RE: Can anyone help with training?

As to bark collars, don't get any that uses vocal cords. It's the sportdog one. My setter defeated it the first day, scratched and scratched till she knocked it off center. Any quality collar will cost atleast $80 or so. Also, with sportdog collars, you have to return them to the manufacture to recharge or replace the battery. Sorry, I don't know about the spraying collars, after spending $130 on two of them (Innotek) I don't figure on spending anymore. I just use my ecollar.

Ecollar are only for reinforcement. I use it only when she's barking and with the come command. I figure I can control her when she's close. I haven't used it for a couple of days, didn't need to. The last time I went over level 6 was when she was playing stubborn a couple of weeks ago. So, you really have to take it easy with them. I may use it to teach her to be steady when shooting birds but I won't be putting it on her neck but around her belly. But, to try to use it as a training tool scares me. Some people, usually with alot of dog experience have sucessfully done it but too me there is too much room for error.
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