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Default RE: Can anyone help with training?

Sounds like some behavioral issue with the whining and urinating. She's probably not used to having a person there so she gets upset when you're not around. But it does sound like she's bonded well. You may want to try leaving her alone for half an hour someplace where it's easy to clean like a garage. She howl and bark but don't go to her until she settles down. Try this then slowly extend the time. Kinda akin to the chain gang.

I don't know about hounds but this is how we generally teach bird dogs with ecollars.

Forthe outdoors, let her get use to you. I don't really see any problems with using an ecollar as long as it's a reinforcement tool. She has to know come/herecommand. In the yard or enclosed area, let her run abit before actual training. If she's used to the bark collar then she'll easily adapt to the ecollar. Get a long leash. Use lowest setting first on the collar. Command - nick - command pull her to you. If no response from nick,wait a bit and use the next setting. Repeat until you finally get her attention. For my dog it's (4 of 8). Anything less she'll ignore.Do ituntilyou get her attention. That's all you want for now. Put the transmitter away. It's like setting a realistic goal for that day and stick with it until she's done it. Don't train more than 20-30 mins daily but break it up. Before running, after running. It may take a week, month, or months but be patient but also persistant.

Some dogs have a higher threshold for pain and will ignore the ecollar. In this case, you'll have to go to a professional or a behavior specialist. Since you got her as a rescue, you don't know what kind of conditioning it had. You don't know if it's been socialized so it may be aggressive to other people. A dog kept in a kennel most of it's life almost always tend to be strange but you can overcome this if the dog's still young.
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