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Default Can anyone help with training?

I got a black and tan coonhound a couple of weeks ago, and her training seems to have hit a wall...or mine has. She is usually good in the house, but outside with distractions I cannot get her attention no matter what I try. I'm not aiming for anything advanced at this stage, just the basics (sit, down, come), but local obedience groups don't seem to have much experience with hounds and they tell me I am wasting my time trying to teach her this. She learns fast, we got sit and down in about 20 mins, but outside she gets selectively deaf and isn't interested in anything but other people, dogs and scents. I don't know how old she is, just that her last owner kept her starved andshut upso all of this is new to her. Inthe house she will not leave my side and whines and urinatesthe minute I am out of sight, which is another problem in itself. Outside though I may as well not exist. Any tips on how I might get her attention? Inside she hates to be ignored so that works well, but obviously that won't transferoutdoors. We tried a no bark collar for that problem and shewould rather bark and get shocked than keep quiet, so I am reluctant to try a remote collar on her.All I know is if she keeps this up she's headed for a lifetime on the leash, getting run over or ending up stolen.

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