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Use a quality vane or feather fletching, and tune your bow with the correct spine arrow and you will find the fletching lasts a long time.

No arrowrest will magically tune you bow. And just because the whisker biscuit will funnel every spine arrow you own into a pie plate at 20yards that doesn't mean the bow is in tune or the rest is set right.

The correct fit for the biscuit is loose not tight.

The bow should be set at an even tiller. Simply backing both limb bolts out the same number of turns each will be close enough to even tiller for the bow to start tuning.

The biscuit should be parallel to the bowstring and the arrow should be nocked at 90degrees to the bowstring.

The windage for the rest should be determined by shooting the correct spine arrow for the bow at 10-20-30-40yards. The correct spine arrows for the bow will hit the same vertical line at all distances while the incorrect spine arrows will not.

You can leave the the arrow nocked at the 90degree position on the bowstring. If the arrow hits nockhigh or nock low in the target you can correct the tiller of the bow by simply adding tiller to the bowlimb that is in the direction that you want the nock end of the arrow to go.

You don't need a bowsquare or a laser to tune the bow in this fashion and all adjustments can be made with a wrench.

Good luck tuning!

Good luck hunting! >>>------------>
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