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Default RE: Drop rest or Whisker Biscut?????

I use the WB for evrything. I believe the shooting is in the shooter, not the equiptment. Obviously you have to have well tuned gear, but after that what becomes the variable? The shooter.
Are you saying the WB would require you to change the fletchings? I use arrows with knocks that rotate. A simple turn, and fletchings are instantly aligned. I did screw up a little last fall. Was practicing during a hunt one day and noticed all my groups were at least one pin low! I'm freaking out thinking, "What if that 32 X 40 bull was in my crosshairs?!" After taking a sedative and a shot of wqhiskey I realized I was knocking the arrow upside down and the odd colored fletch was passing through the black whiskers. Kicking the aroow up just slightly.
Other than some human error, absolutely no mechanical, or weather related problems.
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