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Default My results using Blazer vanes

I purchased a 100 pak of Blazer vanes to see what all the hubub was about and cut the vanes off of 3 of my practice arrows and put on the Blazers. After shooting all of the arrows 6 times ( 3 fletched with Blazers and 6 fletched with 5" plastic vanes) my coclusion was that there is simply no difference. From talking with some archers and reading on this site , I have gathered that the feather users are the ones that are loving these so much and that they never shot vanes at all before the Blazers and thus the raving from them. If you already shoot vanes , don't waste you money on a pile of these but if you want to try a few for fun , have someone give you 3 of thiers and you will see what I mean. This is my opinion only FWIW. Good hunting.
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