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with the mouth calls if you are locate or greeting howling take a deep breath and blow consistant for like 15 seconds and then cut it right off. stop and listen sometimes they will call back but most times they will not! wait a minute or two to see if you hear anything moving, if not do it again the same way. dont be afraid to move your lips to make a higher or lower pitch to sound like another coyote. three howles should be the most because if you caused them to move then you will just scream them outta there and if they didn't move then you are just making them wise to your calls! with the distress calls some say do it for however long it takes but make it sound real. rabbits have small lungs so they cant scream for more that 20-30 seconds at a time so keep the burts short and make it sound like a waaa waaaa waaa sound and make the sound "shiver" like it is going through hell! if nothing happens in 20 -30 minutes then its time to move on. go to a new spot that far enough from the first one so your calling at the second stand cannot be heard from the first. if you go back to the same stands a diffrent day then mix it up, maybe use only distress and no howles because the more you use the same calls and seqeunce then the more you making those coyotes wise to you!
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