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As far as I know, Kevin Strother was the main tech/designer of the Black Knight. I'm not sure about other models of Oregon bows. He was one of the main people associated with the company at the time it went under. According to the Bowtech story I saw on ArcheryTalk, other people associated with the company had more to do with the folding of Oregon than Kevin Strother. I think he went on to be part of the Horizon bow company, and later was V.P. and main design engineer for Bowtech. Earlier this year, he was apparently fired for reasons that seem to be under dispute, and married Kate Robinson, the step daughter of Terry Martin of Martin Archery. Their new joint venture is Elite Archery, which seems to have emerged very quickly after his departure from Bowtech. If you saw the thread on ArcheryTalk, there was quite a bit of venom in the initial post about Bowtech. IMHO, the guy does know how to get serious speed out of a bow. I can tell you that despite its somewhat crude looking, blocky riser and mid-'90s design, it is a very solid bow, and noise and vibration (with Limb Savers, string stuff, and a good stablilzer) are pretty good, considering the way it puts the arrows out.
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