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I just bought a rifle with a scope on it... The scope is a little different from the traditional crosshairs and magnification style that I know of. This scope has a set of numbers on the front of the scope starting at approximately 75 and going to an infinite sign, then the scope has a 3 sets of numbers above the magnification by the rear of the objective, and finally it has aset of numbers on the windage and elevation starting at 150 and goig up to 500. The guy from the sporting goods store told me that those set of numbers afterIzeroed my scope in at 100 yardswould automatically adjust for elevation for the appropiate yardage say 250 yards, line the number 250 up with the dot on the scope and hold right on as i would at 100 yards. Can anyone tell me what this scope is all about. It is a Simmons by the way.
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