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Hey guys,how is everyone doing?
Sorry I havent been on in over a week but my computer is giving me fits.Its been down for a while now,then just when I think I get it figured out another problem arises.
Wife and I are looking at some new computers for christmas,or shortly after.
Hows everyones season coming along?
I have been out a quite a few times since but only seeing does and fawns.Its a good thing though,at least I am seeing a few deer.I havent quite figured out yet where they are feeding on a regular basis but am having fun doing so.I am hoping the 2nd rut will kick in soon though.I was out last saturday and man it was cold,like -21 with the wind chill.I was sitting in a stand on a path between 2 fields intersecting some bush.What you call a natural funnel.The spot looks promising but I havent seen anything on that day,tracks were all over the place though.
Remember when I told you guys that property I was looking at and trying to get,well,I got it.The land owner gave in and now its taking me some time to figure it out.
I am still hunting my stand on the other property.I was there last week and started to draw on a nice doe(have a doe tag as well) then all of a sudden I heard a snap and seen a small fawn coming up to her.He was running and jumping,kicking up snow ,just playing if you will.I couldent shoot mommy with the little lad there,I'm getting soft.I just watched them for about 10 min hoping a buck was near by,but to no advail.She walked off with the fawn and soon after I called it a morning as I had my sons hockey game to go to.
I am still at it guys and hopefully I put one down soon.Its been 2 years,not about to get skunked this year as well.
Good luck to all the ones still hunting.DRESS WARM,its only getting colder------lol
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