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Hi! I have a 6-9" swiveling harris bipod. it's great for prone shooting at targets etc, but i have never been hunting with it. I don't plan on using a treestand. Do you guys think this is a sufficient bipod height for the field? I may prop it on logs or the like, but most likely it will be on uneven tilled fields out here in the open. of course, that's waht the adjustable height on each leg is for plus the swiveling/leaning ability. I don't mind getting sprawled out on the ground either, comfort isn't a biggie for me. I just can't visualize what i'd need! you guys use bipods? if so,what's your height you keep them at.

I'm worried about being so low to the ground that my shots have an upward trajectory out here. lot of land for a bullet to fly through and i want to be safe.

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