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dont own a 223 but i have a 17hmr marlin and its great i do a lot of varmit and small game with it and it actully became my favorite gun havnt shot a coyote yet but know quite a few people that have and all dropped them no problem exept one that shoote a rugerhe didnt get good placement said our marlins were more accurate at 100+yrds but he did findit dead about 250 yrds from where he shot it what alot of people dont know is under 50 yrds the v-max rounds are not that effective its after 50 yrds they heat up enough to explde when entering leaving no exit even on smaller game the tnt rounds are more for 50 or less but they both shoot the same out of my marlin i guess its prsonal prefference but ilike my 17hmr and wouldnt trade it for anything pluss in marlin its only 189 new pluss scope another cool thing is because of low noise and no recoilyou can see the impacton the animal and thats to cool to explain check out this link
varmit als .com
i have apic of a coon i shot with my marlon 17hmr check it out on my profile or in the picture gallery under pa other
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