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Default 11/19 Texas was a pretty good day

While still warm out in hill country I dragged my 13 year old out 40 minutes before first light last saturday and got set up in our double chair tower and 10 feet off the ground. This chair is in a section of the ranch that is browsed by goats so open grass lands with clumps of oak. I have a feeder set off to my south east about 100 yards and another set off to my north east about 200 yards. the wind was in our faces . About 20 minutes after first light a doe comes out and wanders about the 100 yards feeders for a while, she never gave my son a shot that we would ethically take so we pass on her. While she is wandering away I look to my left and see another doe show up at the 200 yard feeder and begin to mill about. I am comforatable with my son taking 100 yards shots but at 200 that is past his comfort zone. So I watch her for a few more minutes and determine it is time to put one in the box, 7RM 139Gr BTSP double lung, drops like a rock. So while we are loading up it is not 1 minute and another doe comes right over and does not give here expired suster the time of day. We watch this new doe for a few minutes and figure that with a good rest and some patients lets let the boy have a crack at her, she starts heading east and just before she is out of our firing lane she stops and at 240yards he gives her a try, .260 120gr ported with a luppy 3X9x40. Missed bigger than Dalls. We load up and wlak over to make sure we have so sign of a hit and sure enough a clean miss, damn.[:@] the boy is bummed, but I told him to squeeze gently not to yank that trigger. So I set to tag the doe whil he continues to wander around looking for some sign when all of the sudden I start a loud Dada whisper, I stand up and ask him to speak up, all I get is a pointed finger and he whispers BUCK. We both drop to the ground with no place to hide and in comes this nice 3 1/2 yare old 8pt buck in full rut. He must be in a daze, we are both170 yards in front of him and he just keeps coming. I try laying prone but the grass was too tall, so back up I get and get set up for a kneeing shot, he is still coming. Finally at about 100 yards he stops and gives be a board side view. That's all I needed, double lung, dropped like a bag of rocks. 3 1/2 years 160LBs or so and a nice 15 3/4 inner spread.

He qualified as my management buck for the season.

So that now means that 10 point I got 4 days later was my trophy tag for the year.

I nice 5 day hunt. just wish I could get back in a add a few more does to the box.

Made a great batch of tenderloin stroginoff the other night and I must say it was darn tasty.
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