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weather here in new york was the same. now it's cold so they'll be feeding more in order to stay warm. i'd go back to the basics. hunt those avenuesof thicketsthat lead tofeeding grounds of oaks. my guess is they'll feed from acorns that are next to cover or depressions or some type of cover.if you guys cleaned out the bucks, try this, have a couple of you seperate a little and start doing dominate grunts, then rattle long and hard while hitting the ground and breaking limbs and such. see if you can bring in another buck on the prowl. most of the does should be either bread by now or past there estrus cycle, but theres always a couple that come into heat late. try mimicing them with bleats, short in duration, and scent. i love hunting with budies. if you guys work as a team i know you'll help your partner tag one with the rifle.good luck and let use know how your hunts are going these next few weeks.
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