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Default RE: A question on late season strategy....

This season has been the worst by far for deer sightings here in NY. The weather has been warm and windy all season. Just the last few days we finally got a real Central NY cold snap with some snow.

I have also hunted the same chunk of land for years and know it like the back of my hand. My "honey holes" have been long abandoned in search of where the critters are. Very unusual season. I can't speak for your area, but what's happened here is the deer have gone nocturnal due to the horrible weather. I can't remember a day during bowseason when the wind wasn't below 20 mph (sometimes as high as 60!!). Another problem around my land is the farmers couldn't even harvest the corn due to the wetness in October and November. There is a ton of standing corn around my land that they seem to not be coming out of. The only couple of halfway decent hunting days weatherwise we had there was a full moon.

My only success has been getting as close as I dare to their bedding areas and catching one moving towards crop in the last half hour. Now we are in the opening week of shotgun that is heavily pressured and I feel I have a better chance of seeing Moses than I do a mature buck during daylight hours.

Good luck to you
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