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Default RE: Gametrack Silvertip Performance Photos

Thanks for the replies folks. The head was not pushed into the CE 300 shaft. It just broke apart at the spot where it screws into the arrow insert. All that was left is that little piece in the picture. I attribute this to the fact that it hit something extremely the backbone..and at a hard angle. As Matt pointed out, all of the blades probably didn't open simultaneously as would be the case if the deer was perfectly broadside. This resulted in a tearing motion which opened up that nasty hole in the deer.

I cannot say that I am surprised to see many negative opinions of the head but I must admit that it was the first one I picked up, again, to use for the next harvest. The fact that the head disintegrated is one thing but one cannot argue with the results. I will give it some more thought though as I have many heads to choose from. Maybe that Rocket Hammerhead 100 will get the call on Saturday.

Darn that rain...I was gonna take off from work tomorrow...<img src=icon_smile_sad.gif border=0 align=middle>

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