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Default Finally rattled and decoyed one in!

I have seen a lot of hunting shows where they rattle bucks in to them and I have been trying to do that for a couple of years now with no success. This weekend I was set up in some wooded urban property. I brought my 3D buck target with me as a decoy and set it up broadside about 20 yards in front of me, upwind. Later, I heard and saw a deer about 80 yards away. I couldn't tell if it was a buck or a doe but I grunted twice at it. It stopped and looked for a while and then continued walking away from me. Then I pulled out my rattle bag and rattled for afew seconds. Pretty soon he came trotting back my way. I grunted a couple of times and he circled downwind of me. When he stepped out from behind some brush about 50 yards away and saw the decoy he started acting really aggressive. He started walking towards the decoy and scraping the ground and rubbing on branches. It was way cool! He came into my clearing and presented me with a broadside 20 yard shot and I took him. He's not the biggest deer I ever killed (a small 6 pointer) but I consider him possibly my best trophy because I was able to call him in like that. Talk about exciting! I don't have any pictures since my wife had the camera this weekend but I will try and get some posted. I can't wait til next year to try it again.
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