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We'll haven't had anything just scare me out of the stand yet, but the last time I was out I had a bird land on my arrow. I had just finished installing a new bow holder. It was one of those that attaches right to the side of the stand. Once I got it secured, I put my bow in it. I had an arrow noc'd and was awaiting any sign of deer when this little bird just landed on my noc'd arrow. Once it realized that I wasn't part of the tree it took off. The only other experiences I've had are the stupid squirels that come up and just look at me. They'll get within a few feet and just stare at me. I've wondered if it's better to try to scare the squirels off or just leave them alone. The do make a lot of noise and I figured that if a deer did come in, the squirels would spook them off. On the other hand, I've read a couple of posts on here that said the deer are used to the way the squirels sound and it doesn't bother them.
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