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Default RE: NY do u think we should have a antler restrictions?

Some reasons for no in the area I hunt and my opinion:

1 - a large % of 3 per side you see are 1 1/2 yo - antler res would still allow these.

2 - See a lotof the spikes and forkies taken here that are older than above - these would be protected.

3 - Deer do not reach their true potential until at least 4 1/2 yo. That 2 1/2 yo 8 pt scoring 95 is still a YOUNG deer. Under antler res it is a "trophy". A young deer is a young deer. How is it right for someone who gets outs 3 times a year to have to pass up a 4 pt 1 1/2 yo so someone else can shoot it next year as that 8 pt scoring 95?

4 - A large number (I think) of those still buying hunting licenses are more casual hunters - they enjoy getting out with their friends and families a few times, like to see some deer, and have a reasonable chance to take one. And now there are many WMU with few or no doe permits. Hunter numbers are dropping every year - a trend AR may serve to accelerate among these hunters I described. Most hunters I talk to around her like to hunt DEER - sure seeing a big rack is nice, BUT NOT the motivating factor for them to hunt!

The recent trend to qualify a "good" deer by the number of points and to have that become the reason for hunting is disturbing at best. I was in a shop recently where a "trohy" hunter was coming down hard on a guy who had taken a spike. Thing is, this "trophy" hunter is the one who had taken that monster 8pt scoring 95 a few days earlier! His reason - " it was a better deer and would probably have got shot during gun"!

"Better" is a subjective term and differs for everyone! To make a law to benefit the "trophy" hunter happy with the 2 1/2 yo 8 point scoring 95 or even less, is wrong in my opinion

We keep losing numbers and we lessen our voice!

Education and personal responsibility is the way to allow mature deer to evolve. Keep pushing for hunters to learn to allow young deer to walk. And if you truly believe in the goal to have more big bucks, resolve to only shoot MATURE bucks, Not the 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 nice 10 points with potential. It stats with YOU.


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