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I think your opinion is right on the money unfortunately that is the way it is in SC. I am honestly trying to make a difference though. My biggest problem I have in dealing with it is the fact that it is not the non hunting public trying to do away with it as much as it is the "other hunters" who are trying to run it in to the ground by hook or by crook method. I am not going to sit here and tell you all dog hunters are good ethical hunters, cause their are some whom I classify as slobs and the dont have my respect enough to use the word,hunter, in the same breath. However if we can get some new laws in my home state and more money to enforce them, maybe we as the hunting community can co-exsist. We are a divided faction and that is not a good thing to be in the grand scheme of things. Who knows what isto come later down the road when all hunting may come under the scrutinty that dog drives have come under in the past 10 years. Will I be able to stand next to a man who helped put my favorite method of hunting to rest? and help him save his method? These are some of the question I pose? If dog hunting for deer is eliminated, that will be the first domino in a huge pile to fall. How do we as hunters plan for the next wave? Will all dog related hunting activites be under fire then? How will bowhunters justify their sport, if the same happens? We need to think about our childrens rights to hunt 30-40 years from now when we are dead and gone. All of these things now will at some point have a effect onthe future of this sport!
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