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Default seeking disabled kids for hunting

I'm trying to gain names and contacts of disabled kids between the ages of 13-17 for a deer hunting opportunity most likely next fall.
I was put in contact with a group that was looking for a kid to take on a hunt this year and my 15 yr old son was selected to make the trip the only thing I had to do was get him to the hunt sight and help him with anything he needed personally. I could have hunted as well at my own cost but chose to make the weekend all about Eric. My lodging was included. The hunt is guided and the folks at the ranch we hunted at were GREAT they went out of their way to make it a memorable experience for Eric. He ended up taking a 126" 8 pointer. the hunt was videoed and the group will be sending me a copy after editing. The method of harvest is open to the hunter shotgun,bow, or rifle.
I was asked by the people who footed the bill for this if I could help get contacts for more kids as they wish to expand this program and of course I said I would do anything I could to help So here it is guys post or e-mail me with info and I will forward the info on.
The group is out of Ill. and the hunt this yr. was just north of LaCrosse WI. we live in the bloomington ILL. area and It was about a 7-8 hr drive from home to the hunt sight.
I don't think the have an area specific or regional limit on particapants so I will forward all contacts to these guys. It took about 6 mos to get the details of this hunt down so I will be forwarding these contacts as I recieve them.
Sorry about the long post but this is a fantastic opportunity for a young disabled hunter to get out there and do some huntin. THANKS
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