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All I have to say is that I really enjoyed reading mad's story. When I read his original post, I read it like it should have been read (or so I think it should have). I overlooked all the questionable wording and read it for its true purpose. I believe that mad started this post to explain HIS OPINION on the hunting scenerio of todays world. I think everyone can agree that the hunting accessory industry has grown tremendously over the last few years. I think that mad was just trying to express his views on what hunting used to be about - more primitive. Even though he threw in a few "idiots" and a few strange wordings, I read it for what it was.
In general, I think that everyone needs to remember that this is a forum where we can talk about hunting, opinions, stories, etc. with fellow hunters. I think that if we all begin arguing over opinions, we are beginning to play with fire. Like I said before, this post was his opinion and I just think that if anyone had a problem with what he said, just let it blow over. Honestly, if everyone who had a problem with his post had not of replyed, this forum would have been history (off the top posts) by the end of the day. All of the rebuttals only made things more awkward for everyone. All the arguing and calling each other hipocrits, etc..?? is that really necessary? In MY OPINION (just had to through that out first, haha), if we dont like what we are reading, ignore it...that is why I never posted anything in the original post.
This is all just my two cents and everyone can make up their own mind. But, I feel that if we can all just give each other a break and enjoy each others company and discuss and laugh and have a good time, the overall moral of this forum will be a lot better off.
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