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Default RE: reply to the ridicules post

bigtime, most of the time, 99% of it anyway, people get along fine here, the problem arises when someone comes on here with a post that is not up for debate, forums are for disscusion, some folks have no tack about them at all, if the original had just said i miss the old days, i'd rather hunt like we used to or whatever it would have been fine but when you step on other folks toes you better be ready to suffer the outcome, there are ways to ask a question and still interject your own feelings

like these type questions

1. guys i have been hunting with a gun my granfather handed down to me it is just a 30-30, and i have been considering another gun..we have killed a bunch of deer over the years but was wondering what the benefits of some of the newer calibers would be?

same thing worded different

why would anybody buy something bigger than a 30-30 for deer, me, my dad , and my grandfather have been killing deer for years with the same gun, anybody that would waste money on anything bigger is just stupid and wasting money.

1. remington rifles are the best, everything else is junk


1. i'm looking for a new rifle, what do you like and why

get the idea,i dont have a problem with most of madboar post, i did report it for the vulgarity and profanity though, last but not least i got to tip my hat to you for your post, a lot of us get to wrapped up in the latest gizmo for deer hunting, what you said made me know your out there for the love of the hunt, a lot of people would be at home sittng on their duff, i dont have a four wheeler, i dont have nowhere to hunt
but you are out there brother and i admire you for that

also i am hunting in blue jeans a t shirt on the ground in a homemade wood blind that cost very little i am use a AR 15 as my rifle just because it is what i have i do not have the cash to go buy 200 or 300 in camo close or a new 300 rifle or a 200 stand i have to use what i have and can afford but if i had the cash i would buy it all but not because i need it but because i think it will help me i think we all have the freedom to chose what we wont to use and i will support anyone that hunts no matter what as long as they follow the law
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