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Default reply to the ridicules post

can't we all just get along

there were a lot of post on the original ad so i thought i would open a new one

yes some people do go a little overboard i was taking to a friend the other day and he seen a 50 cal high power rifle on myth busters and it went throw bulletproof glass and he said he wont to get one and use it for hunting whitetail i thought you must be the dumbest person i know but i told him it is his right to use what ever he wonted and if he wonted to use it i would support him but i would not hunt with him when he used it

also i am hunting in blue jeans a t shirt on the ground in a homemade wood blind that cost very little i am use a AR 15 as my rifle just because it is what i have i do not have the cash to go buy 200 or 300 in camo close or a new 300 rifle or a 200 stand i have to use what i have and can afford but if i had the cash i would buy it all but not because i need it but because i think it will help me i think we all have the freedom to chose what we wont to use and i will support anyone that hunts no matter what as long as they follow the law

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