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Default Stand Placement.....

Hi guys,

This is gonna be my first year deer hunting and in the last 8 months I have done A LOT of reading on whitetail hunting. But I think that advice from veteran hunters is better than any book. My grandfather owns 100 acres of property and I'll be hunting on it this season. I just picked up a ladder stand and went out to scout but I can find any footprints or droppings. I know there are deer there because my uncle says he sees them every time he goes to check on his garden there. There is a man made path going through the forest and I believe deer are using this route to get into the garden, where they are often seen browsing. My question is where should I start looking and what should I look for to find a good place to set up my stand . I will be hunting with a bow. Any help is greatly apprieciated.


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