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Default Tuning question

I am a proud owner of a matthews feathermax. The bow has always shot up to par. I put a new wisker bicuit on and my vanes went to crap. I have tried almost everything to tune it in but I am getting a bad left tear in paper. After comparing it to a friends feathermax I came to the conclusion that the cable guide was angled out alot further than on his ( maybe bent ). Thus pulling the wheel and limb to the right.
I called matthews tech support and was going to order a new guide but the tech told me that he doubtedthat it is bent, but depending on when my feathermax was made the guides were at different angles. That I just need to twist my cable at the yoke so that center is 13/16 from the riser to center of my arrow.
It makes sense but did matthews really make the same bow with different angles on the cable guides?
Any info on any of this would be greatly appreciated since bow season is one week away.
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