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Default RE: WOW! Deer & car crashes


The study is non-scientific and presumes it's intended findings from the start. Those months are peak rutting months and the deer are moving around more. I wonder how hunters would account for the collisions that occur at night well after hunters are out of the woods? I doubt the study addresses that and those collisions would be directly linked to rutting behavior - not hunting.

FoA sounds like a "Friend of PETA" to me - oh well, I'm griping now... I'll hush.[&:]

Ifferd, what the FoAand the Insurance companiesare trying to say is that the states are at fault for collisions with deer and autos because of Deer Management to increase the deer herds for the sportsman.
That gives the Insurance Companies a reason to increase our insurances on automobiles or are trying to with the help of the FoA.[8D]
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