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you're real enough... but you're just a little computer box.... its kind of like a robot girlfriend... if this were the offseason i'd use another term for it... the human body has needs when it is in a relationship. i'm not talking sex. i mean everything that holds more meaning, the hugging, cuddling, ect ect ect.... if you are in a long distance relationship it is also like you have a 1,000 mile long chain wrapped around your neck because you're not free to do anything but its so tempting because you know they'll never find out. its kind of like the honor system. you know what i'm talking about... here we have places where theres a little box of money and when you take something from the shop you pay for it in the little box yourself... but theres never anybody to see if you actually pay for it or not... you'll find the relationship very one-sided and very lonely. you can't go to the movies together, have tickle fights, go shopping together at cabelas, hang out on the couch, or just whatever... you can't even hold their hand or feel the comfort of a hug... plus being the huge non-truster of men that i am you never know when and if they're telling the truth and its a lot easier to lie online when there is no judge of a tone of voice or look of the eye to tell you. they could be running around with every girl in town while you're sitting there waiting at the keyboard. some of the best things in a relationship are never spoken... body language is the universal language.. understood by everybody.. there is so much you miss and crave and it makes you miserable and feel horrible that you "can't find anybody in your own town because nobody likes you" which is bullcrap.
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