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Default first moring hunt.. looking for advice

well went hunting on sat morning. I went out scouting friday night thought i had a great spot. I took some pics and hope to get them up soon. I had my stand set up on a tree right over what i thought would be a busy trail. I had a river behind me with a sturdy rapid making it hard to hear. in front of me was a very steep moutain side (the kind that really really, suck to walk beck up). But i got nothing, after taking that afternoon to look at my area a bit better, signs of life where no where to be found. after following my trail about 300 yeard further in to deep thick brush i saw sign of 1 doe near the water.

Am i just missing the idea or shoudl i stay on that spot?

also any suggestions for covering my scent i really think that i killing me?
i use scent sheild is that adiquate(sp)?
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