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Default Hunting the west from a newbies perspective

I thought I would post my perception of just how tough and ugly big game hunting has gotten out here in the west. There are many people on thissite that work diligently to offer objective opinions and I would appreciate any comments.

As most of you know, our fine state has some of the best Mulie and elk hunting on this earth. A brief perusal of any B & C or P & Y book will show a multide of record animals. Because of this, it is no wonder that our draw odds for manyunits are pathetic at best.

At fortysomething, I am a late bloomer. I have been a seriouswaterfowl (and upland) hunter for the past three seasons. I have also continued to put in for the draw hoping that some day I would be drawn.

Well thisseason, it finally happend. "Finally" is probably a poor choice as I have a number of friends who havent been drawn in the last 8-10 years.

Not only was I drawn, but drawn for an early rifle, any antlered hunt for The Kaibab.Yes, based on draw odds, I know that the gods of hunting have smiled upon me.

Now, since I scout 1000 miles just for ducks, I knew I had my work cut outfor me. Iimmediately started preparing my gear purchase list, got butt deep in a ton of mapsto get a feel for the area and have already been doing some extensive pre scouting, scouting in order to become familiar with the hunt unit. Sounds good so far, right ?

So I pop out to one of our local (state) huntingforumstoattempt to gain an understanding of habits, migration, etc. Yep the deer migrate off the plateau here.

As I started reading, I became horrified. People just berrating anyonethat asked forsome unit help. They fully intended to have an E Scouting witch burning. I have never seen such a horrific group of people in my entire life.

When I started duck hunting, a number of fine veteran hunters went out of their way to take me under their wing. I did everything I could to repay them. I schlepped decoys, paid more than my share of gas, let the muddy dog sit in my lap, and shared every bit of knowledge and scouting info that I thought would be of benefit.

Because of these truesportsmen, I know feel it's my obligation to carry on the same tradition. I have taken quite of few new comers out, as well as a dozen or so out of staters out hunting. Again, it's my way to give back.

I guess the bottom line is that Icontinue to be shocked atArizonans behavior to anyone that isn't an old salt at hunting. How much of an old salt can you be if you're getting freakin drawn every 8-10 years ? I guess they are so tired of not being drawn that they just feel compelled to give anyone the double finger with a question.

NowI do understand someone being upset if someone gets on and asks, Where can I find amonster in the 200range ?

From my ignorant perspective, it would seem to be in one's benefit to help others. They now will owe you big and when you do get drawn, will have those same people to draw upon to help in the field.

In the end, I will have a great hunt, regardless of whetehr I am successful. Just being in THe Kaibab is an incredible experience. I am scouting my butt off, reading everything I can get my hands on, and am willing to hike into the fires of hell (and back) to get my Mulie. I wish I could afford to pay a guide, but my disposable income just doesn't cover it. 3500-5000 for a week.

OK, now that I am done whining, my question is, is this behavior prevelent everywhere, or do we just have an exceptionally large group of ill mannered people who would rather go to the grave with any knowledge they have, versus helping point people in the right direction ?

I look forward to any comments, good, bad or ugly. You may fire when ready !
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