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Default winter feed for deer

We have about two acres of food plots on our land (mostly clover). At this time in the year, it is more than adequate for the number of deer on our property, plus those that wander on and off. However, when winter comes up here in central PA and the deer are left with nothing but a foot of snow on the ground, there has to be substantial die-offs from starvation, etc.

So here's my idea...I was thinking of mowing off about an acre of clover and letting it dry while it is still warm enough. Then bail it up and store it in a barn until January/February when I would put it out for food.

Has anyone ever done this? I wonder how the deer will react to this, and how much I should put out at one time so that it doesn't get covered up by more snow. Any feeback/advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated...

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